Kevin Horton

Kevin Horton

LPL Financial Advisor

Financial planning is something that we all find impacting our lives at one point or another and no one person’s situation is the same as the other. Planning is an ongoing relationship that involves intricate implementation and monitoring. Future Planning Systems has built an environment that encourages people of all ages, careers, backgrounds and ethnicities to start planning for themselves.

I became a licensed LPL Financial Advisor in September of 2019. I have been para-planning with Dave Horton and our clients since February of 2018. Dave is a co-founder of this wonderful company and also my father.

Prior to entering the financial industry, Everett, Washington was my home for five years as I served as a Gas Turbine Technician on an Arleigh Burke Destroyer in the US Navy. My wife, Kari and son, Tony gave me ongoing support as our ship made numerous expeditions at sea, including a six-and-a-half-month deployment in 2017.

Other than my time in the Navy, the Springfield/Eugene area has been my only other home. From Springfield High School I attended Lane Community College and University of Oregon where I received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I’m glad to be reestablished in this location, working with the fantastic people of this community.